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When you or your family are ready to turn to in-home senior care services in Eugene, At Home Care Group—Lane, Linn & Benton Counties is here to support you. We sit down with seniors and their families to develop exactly the care plan you need. You or your loved one can choose from personal care services, including assistance with daily activities like dressing, bathing, and continence management. We also provide dementia care for those living with memory loss, and short-term care for anyone who needs support while a regular caregiver is away. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing not only quality in-home care, but personal, positive interactions in everything they do. You can count on us to be there whenever you need us. Choose At Home Care Group and find care 24/7, redefined.

Our Staff

Smiling caretakers from At Home Care Group and resident going for a stroll.

Services Through At Home Care Group

You’re seeking care tailored to your life, when and where you need it. At Home Care Group—Lane, Linn & Benton County provides experienced, thoughtful assistance in the comfort of your own home. We offer several levels of care to choose from so you or your loved one can find exactly the support you need. Our home assist and companionship services offer help with everyday tasks like housekeeping and laundry, while other care provides you the companionship and assistance of a caregiver 24 hours a day. Our at-home care levels include:

  • Personal Care
  • 24-Hour Care
  • Alzheimer’s Care
  • Hospice Care
  • Registered Nursing Services
  • Home Assist and Companionship
  • Respite Care
  • Physical Therapy Assist
  • Post Surgical
A nurse from At Home Care Group holding a resident's hands.


“During the time my father was in need of...services, the level of care and attention was superior and unwavering. They have my highest recommendation."
Roger B., San Mateo, CA

“Special thanks to At Home Care Group caregivers who unfailingly took care of Olivene through her last months. She depended on you and you were always there. At Home Care Group employees are kind, caring, thoughtful, and dependable, which allows families to relax, knowing that their loved ones are safe and in good hands. AHCG has great communication with the families of their clients and always does what is best for clients.”
Dorris H., Eugene, OR

"Thank you for your work and care of my mother, Margaret. She was relieved as she realized there would be someone seeing her on a regular basis, though I'm not sure she was able to express it to you. Her body and heart finally said 'enough', but we celebrate her long life and peaceful passing."
Gratefully, Virginia G., Eugene, OR

"I have been with At Home Care Group for almost 2 years and to be honest it is the best job I have ever had! I love what I do and we care so much for our clients. I look forward to going to work every day."
Michelle M Caregiver- Eugene, OR

“We had a need for a caregiver for 10 full days for my 91-year-old mother-in-law. Venetia was willing to care for her in our home for almost 9 of those days. To have the same caregiver there for that long provided consistency and a sense of well-being for my mother-in-law as they were able to get to know one another. It also gave us peace of mind.

I met with Venetia an hour before we left and immediately felt at ease with her. She asked questions that were pertinent to my mother-in-law's care and I could tell that she was experienced. Most importantly, I felt we could trust her not only with her caregiving but also with the task of literally handing over our home while we were away.

My mother-in-law said she liked Venetia and really appreciated her care. I would highly recommend her as a dependable caregiver and a trustworthy person.”
Joy G., Eugene, OR

"What a blessing!

I felt this was a good time to let you know how grateful I am to have McKenna in my life (helping me such as she does). What a blessing!"
Virginia H., Eugene

"I am truly humbled by the care and concern that At Home Care Group in Eugene, Oregon gave to my father on a consistent basis, even when the personal services were not being implemented properly.

My father lives out of state from me. Because of family issues and not being informed of my father’s care at his retirement home, I was not made aware of his lack of personal care. After recently visiting my father, I was informed about a lot of things that was not made aware of before this time. One thing that I found was that a lovely nurse, Kaysie, had gone out and bought my father a wonderful outfit with her own money, along with shaving my father’s beard with a razor that she had purchased. Bless you Kaysie and all the other staff members who ever said a kind word or showed any care to my father.

I spoke to Shawn Cox, Executive Director, this morning. He was a very gracious and kind individual. He informed me, in more detail, what At Home Care Group had been doing for my father, during this time when he was not getting the personal care that had been implemented before and then taken out. Shawn told me that his staff had cleaned up my father and his room when needed and made sure he was safe. He told me that my father was “very well liked” by their staff. I am greatly relieved that, even when my father was not getting the care that he needed, At Home Care Group was still reaching out to my father and demonstrating genuine caring and affection to my father.

In closing, if you are reading this, and you have an aging parent or know someone who needs personal care, I would highly recommend At Home Care Group in Eugene, Oregon. In this 21st century, where the aged are treated with diminishing respect and dignity, it is heartwarming and very encouraging to know that there are still agencies where staff genuinely value and respect those who are no longer able to care for themselves. You cannot put a price tag on a person’s dignity; At Home Care Group is proof of that. God bless all of you.”
Grateful Daughter

A nurse from At Home Care Group and resident smiling.

Careers with At Home Care Group

Interested in a career serving others where relationships matter? When you work for At Home Care Group—Lane, Linn & Benton County, you have the opportunity to develop care skills in an environment where people always come first. Our caregivers build connections with their clients to create a personal bond and sense of trust. We have a full-time licensed nurse on staff to provide each care professional with individual, client-specific training so that you feel well-prepared to give the best care every day. Look forward to regular training sessions where you will learn the most up-to-date, proven methods in home care. Additionally, we communicate regularly with physicians to understand and fit into a full picture of care.

Visit our Careers page to find out more about employment at At Home Care Group.

Resources For Seniors

In addition to being ready to answer your call for at-home care 24 hours a day, we are here to recommend you and your family resources for seniors. We understand you or your loved one need a full spectrum of support that goes beyond the at-home care services we provide. That’s why we offer suggested resources in the Lane, Linn & Benton Counties for networks and services including:

  • Meal Preparation
  • Transportation for Errands & Appointments
  • Information on Aging & Senior Health Veterans Support
A caretaker from At Home Care Group and a resident going for a walk.

Other Locations