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Traditions Around the Globe to Ring in the New Year

Australia/New Zealand: Cast away bad JuJu for the new year by banging pots and pans together at midnight.

Bahamas: A festival parade (Junkanoo) that honors a long past rebel starting in the 18th century by enslaved people, given 3 days off at Christmas, went singing and dancing in costume with colorful masks.

Columbia: Walk around with an empty suitcase all day long, in a circle, to bring prosperity and travel into the new year. Some put an empty suitcase outside their door so neighbors do not think badly of them.

Mexico: Eat 12 grapes, 1 for each upcoming month, if grapes are sweet fortune awaits and sour ones indicate less fortunate months. Also, they burn a “mun~ecos” or “doll”. The dolls are effigies of people who play a large roll in politics or news. Burning the dolls are doing away with the old.

Finland: Predict your luck with a piece of tin. Everyone gets a small piece of tin in the shape of a horseshoe. It’s melted to a molten state and pored into a container of water that forms a clump, each shape has a different meaning for the new year.

Japan: Ring the temple bell, 108 times, at midnight on news year eve, all over Japan to symbolize 108 human sins (from Buddhist tradition) and rid 108 worldly desires. Incredibly good luck for the coming year is to glimpse the sunrise over Mt. Fuji.

Brazil: Jump 7 waves while wearing white, one wave for each day of the week to bring good luck. Wear white all day to cleanse or keep away bad spirits.

Chile: Start off the new year by camping in a grave yard with the departed. Slumbering with a loved one is said to bring feelings of peace and good luck.

Denmark: Jump off a chair at the stroke of midnight signifying jumping forward into the new year and banish evil spirits who will be left behind in the old year.

Russia: Candles are lit prior to midnight. Upon the beginning of the countdown, wishes are quickly written on the paper, burned over the candle to ashes and added to a drink to be consumed in unison.

America: Each person vows a resolution for the upcoming year signifying something they need to change in their life for the better. Many watch the countdown as the New York Time Square ball made of 2668 Waterford crystals weighing 11,575 pounds, it is 12 feet in diameter and descends 141 feet in 60 seconds.

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