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Plan Your Visit on the Holidays

Perhaps you won’t notice anything new or out of the ordinary during your next visit to see your parents. However, it’s possible that you’ll spot worrisome clues of trouble or see crises unfolding before your eyes. Take the time during your visit to be a bit of a double agent, sniffing out the following eight potential signs of trouble. You’re not being nosy, you’re being proactive and smart.

  1. Give a big hug, look for weight loss or gain and complaints of pain.
  2. Riffle through the mail, look for unopened envelopes, stacks of mail.
  3. Take a drive, with Mom or Dad behind the wheel. Check the outside of the car; is there body damage? Check inside, do they use the seat belt? Are there warning lights on the dash?
  4. Take a tour of the kitchen. Check for outdated food, signs of burned pans, cupboards not properly equipped with typical items. Ask “what’s to eat?”
  5. Look for clutter and unkept living areas. Unfinished clean-ups are a sign of dementia for lack of follow through. Clutter is a sign of confusion or lack of ability to deal with the items.
  6. How are other living things faring? Look at plants and pets; are they being kept up?
  7. Walk the grounds. Are there unkept areas of home repair or grounds?
  8. Ask eyewitnesses and friends. Are Mom or Dad no longer attending gatherings that have been routine in the past?

Make a call to At Home Care Group part of your holiday plan. We provide all kinds of daily support. Call us and set a time to explore what life can be like for your loved one with care specialized for success.

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