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Humor helps your heart? How?

Research suggests laughter can decrease stress hormones, reduce artery inflammation and increase in good cholesterol. A bonus with laughter is that its effects have been found to last 24 hours. That’s a good reason to laugh every day. For those watching the more upbeat movie, vessel lining dilated and circulation increased.

The risk of heart disease increases in depressed post-menopausal women. Dr. Steinbaum pointed to research indicating people with heart disease are 40 percent less likely to laugh than people without it. “To me, that’s fascinating,” she said of the study. “It is so helpful for people to really have a positive outlook”. Perhaps laughter should be prescribed as a part of the way to prevent heart disease.

The University of Maryland examined circulation in the blood vessels in two groups of subjects who watched different types of movies. One group watched stressful segments of the war movie “Saving Private Ryan,” while the others watched parts of a funny movie, “Something About Mary.” Among those viewing “Saving Private Ryan,” blood vessel lining constricted and circulation decreased.

I wonder,” Dr. Steinbaum muses, “If we can say to people that laughter is a little bit like a medication for you.”

Suzanne Steinbaum, D.O., an attending cardiologist and director of women and heart disease at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Dr. Steinbaum is a spokeswoman for the American Heart Association’s Go for Red Women’s Movement.

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