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Colds or Flu Can Grab Anyone

Hands carry and spread virus and germs to anywhere they touch and can live for long periods of time. Any frequently touched item, especially in public places, carry loads of germs.

The most effective defense against catching a virus in the first place is to wash your hands and wash them often. You must be diligent. Carry sanitizer and use it after you touch any publicly used item, such as door handles, cash machines, money, etc. Be aware of places you have touched and take precautions not to spread the germs or virus. Don’t touch your face until you have washed your hands. We touch our faces hundreds of time a day and do not realize it and germs can easily enter our body through our eyes, nose and mouth.

If you or a member your household becomes ill, begin sanitizing surfaces and instruct everyone to wash hands more frequently. If the ill person is coughing, teach them to wear a face masks and change the mask often.

Our caregivers understand how to minimize illness in our client’s home. Call us or visit today and find out about the support that is offered by our caregivers.

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